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"Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it."
-Benjamin Graham

About the FPHEC

The HEC Montreal Student Investment Fund (FPHEC) is an investment club that actively manages over $1,000,000. We have the objective of training the upcoming finance leaders of Montreal while serving as the school's premier finance association for undergraduates. Furthermore, the FPHEC is a great opportunity for undergraduate students at HEC to improve their knowledge about the financial world. 

The management of a real portfolio and the training that we give internally allows our members to acquire solid aptitudes focused on the real tasks of a financial analyst, such as macroeconomic analysis, selection of quality securities and financial modeling.

Networking with our former members is also very important, either to create long-term relationships, to learn more about the recruitment process or simply to clarify career choices. Every week, a finance professional meets us to talk about their career path and current job.

Our Approach

FPHEC follows a top-down approach based on fundamental analysis. The fund's members are segmented into seven different sectors overseen and supported by the executive team. The Global Macro team is in charge of defining the sector exposure based on their assessment of the current economic situation. Portfolio managers and their analysts will then take action and develop investment ideas, which are subject to approval by all members and the board of directors.


Our Mission

FPHEC’s core mission statement is focused on three pillars:

Network Enhancement


Business network forged via weekly

meetings or events with professionals, supported by a 260+ Alumni network

Professional Development

Leadership and analytical skills developed through impressive extracurricular involvement and activities

Laughing Work Colleagues


Success built on long-lasting relationships created between members over the course of their involvement with the Fund

FPHEC in Numbers




Team Members

Asset Under Management


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