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Opportunities at FPHEC

Be part of something unique - our people are fun, our work is fascinating and diverse, and your learning curve will be significant. The FPHEC is looking for motivated B.B.A. students who have a strong interest in the financial markets.


Weekly Meetings

Discuss with finance professionals

Sector presentations

Buy or sell recommendation of a stock

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Toronto Trip

Meet professionals and network with alumni


Investment Banking,

Asset Management, Consulting and others

Trading Floor

Learning Opportunities

Steep learning curve through practical experiences and interview preparation

The Marquee Group Financial Modeling Seminar

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Networking Events

Extend your professional network with over 260 FPHEC alumni and participate to exclusive business cocktails and conferences

Job Interview

Interview process

The interview process consists of two rounds. The goal of the first one is to assess the interest, the experience, the alertness, and the financial knowledge of the candidate. The second round consists of presenting a buy or sell recommendation for a Canadian security.


It is important to note that the questions are adapted according to the year of the student. We will not have the same expectations for a candidate who starts their first, second or third year of studies at HEC. The key is to demonstrate motivation, willingness to learn and an interest in finance.


Please email us at if you require further assistance. 

Copying Down

How to apply?

The 2023-2024 application window will open Friday Aug. 25th.

To apply online, please submit your resume, latest transcript and a cover letter on our application form. All three documents must be saved in one file in PDF format. You will find the timeline below. Please note that only full applications will be considered.

Candidates selected for the 2nd round have been contacted.


Send in your application including your CV, cover letter, transcript on our application form. You will also need to self-schedule your first-round interview on Calendly (link in application form). 

Deadline: Monday Sept. 4


Deadline:  September 3rd

Info Session

Two optional info sessions are organized on Wednesday Aug. 30 to help answer questions and present the Fund. 


The in-person will be at Salle Proctor & Gamble (CSC) at 12pm, while the online session will be held on Teams at 7:30pm. Signup here.

Deadline:  September 3rd

First Round

First rounds will last 15 minutes, and will allow you to meet members of our team and allow us to get to know you and see your interest in financial markets.

Interviews time slots will be opened throughout the week of September 5 to 8.

Deadline:  September 3rd

Stock Pitch How-to

Desjardins Securities' Benoit Poirier will be once again presenting the basics of creating a stock pitch and thesis. This will be an in-person event held on Sept. 6 from 12pm to 1pm at Salle Procter & Gamble.

RSVP here.

Deadline:  September 3rd

Decisions Sent Out

Decisions will be sent out for the candidates selected for the final round on Friday September 8 in the evening.


At this time, all selected candidates for the 2nd round have been selected.

Deadline:  September 3rd

Pitch Preparation

Selected candidates will have a bit over 24 hours to prepare a stock recommendation of a Canadian stock assigned by the recruitment committee. More details will be sent to selected candidates in due course. 

Deadline:  September 3rd

Final Round Pitch

Final-round candidates will be assigned a time slot throughout Sunday September 10 to present their recommendation. Presentations will last 10 minutes with 5-10 minutes of Q&A from our team. 

Deadline:  September 3rd

Final Decisions

All candidates will receive a call on Sunday night regarding their application decision.


Feedback will also be provided to candidates that did not make the final cut.

Deadline:  September 3rd

Click here to learn more about our mission and our activities from a few of our alumni! 

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